Starting a career in cosmetic medicine can be daunting

-What courses do I really need?

-What certification is most valuable?

-What are the regulations and how do I get my license where I live?

-How do I know the return will be worth my investment?

-What combination of treatments should I provide?

-What equipment do I buy?

-How do I comply with Standards?

You're in the right place

We know you’re juggling a steep learning curve along with existing work and family commitments, and you’re keen to establish your business or career quickly — but you want to get it right. Perhaps you’re nervous you’ll cut the wrong corners, or you’ll waste money on a course that won’t deliver what you really need to be properly trained and accredited.

Trust the best

We are Australia and New Zealand’s leading health professional educators in lasers and intense pulsed light technologies.

Our students love the quality and flexibility of Bravura’s self-paced programs, and the support they receive to get up and running quickly.

We've worked hard to become the preferred training organisation for doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, beauty therapists and others who are wanting to raise the standards of laser/IPL care and we’re passionate about delivering a superior learning experience for anyone with enthusiasm for this area.

We believe students are most successful when their training environment is relaxed, flexible and carefully designed to deliver the knowledge and technical skills they need to build utmost confidence as laser treatment specialists.

Elissa O'Keefe Nurse Practitioner FFACNP MACN

Be exceptional.

Time To Be Laser Sharp (Jenni Gilbert, SPA + CLINIC, November 2017)

Time To Be Laser Sharp (Jenni Gilbert, SPA + CLINIC, November 2017)

A recent spate of medi-cosmetic disasters, involving injectable products (eg. the death of Jean Huang in September) and horrific laser outcomes, has drawn nationwide attention to the need for greater policing of these procedures, something the medical community has been lobbying for for years. Although unrelated to the specific incidents, The Laser Health...

Nov 17, 2017

Don’t buy a laser/IPL machine until you read this!

Don’t buy a laser/IPL machine until you read this!

If we had a dollar for every time we get asked at Bravura “What machine should I buy” we would be living our dream life on a beach somewhere. Every day we receive unsolicited advertising that is trying to sell us a laser or medical device of some sort. Some...

Oct 23, 2017