The highest standards and quality

    We are an award winning company and the only laser/IPL safety training provider in Australia with course recognition at this standard.  This gives you peace of mind that your time and resources are spent on the highest quality education possible. The theoretical training provided by the courses are accepted for licensing purposes by the Government of Western Australia Radiological Council; Queensland Government Radiation Health, Health Protection; Tasmanian Government Radiation Protection Unit. 

    We are all obliged to comply with Work Health and Safety laws so we help you meet those obligations. The following people should be trained in proper operating procedures, including handling and care of equipment, set-up, intra-procedural monitoring, use of the controls and delivery systems and proper use of all accessory equipment: laser safety personnel, laser users (doctors, nurses, podiatrists and other health professionals) and students (Australian/New Zealand Standard Guide to the safe use of lasers in health care AS/NZS 4173: 2004).

    Qualifications are not mandated in all states/territories, only WA, Qld and Tasmania (our courses are accepted in all three, see above) only because there are currently no regulatory requirements for the use of lasers and/or IPL in Victoria, NSW, ACT, SA or the NT. BUT this will change in 2017 with ARPANSA guidelines and the re-issue of new Australian Standards for the use of lasers in health care.

    We are truly an enriched, online, e-learning experience with lectures voiced over by real Australian clinicians and with activities and resources to support your learning and practice. This means you won't get emailed a pdf document to print and a quiz to post back like some other cheap 'online' courses (the only online thing about them is that they email you) or have blurry lecture slides delivered by an electronically generated voice that can't pronounce scientific terms like some other online overseas-based courses (We think photothermolysis is a term you might want to know how to pronounce properly and that record (a document) and record (to document) are not the same thing?).

    We understand the Australian clinical and regulatory context and can relate to your clinical practice. We give you more than physics and standards. We put it all into an Australian perspective with real clinical scenarios common to your practice and an in-depth understanding of AHPRA, ARPANSA and other national organisations influencing clinical practice.

    We are always up to date so you can be too in a rapidly evolving industry because we can update our courses in real time whenever something new and important arrives.

    Maintaining your CPD with the Board

    Recognised as continuing professional development with the National Boards of AHPRA. As this is your context of practice they meet the requirements set out by AHPRA. 

    Peer reviewed course content  by a carefully selected Program Advisory Committee who are health professionals with extensive, current clinical experience and understand the work that you do. They are seconded at the appropriate stages of content development to give advice on the curriculum in areas that they have knowledge and expertise in.  Participating members of the committee have included a representative Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, Ms Elissa O'Keefe RN NP FFACNP, MACN, Ms Connie McLachlan RN CNC, Ms Suzie Hoitink RN MACN, Ms Sophie Ashworth RN and Mr Josh Locker.

    Best practice frameworks are bench marked to ensure you get the best evidence. All courses are developed using the AS/NZS 4173:2004 Guide to the safe use of lasers in health care, the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery Professional Practice Standards and Scope of Practice for Aesthetic Nursing Practice in Australia (2015) and the Australian College of Operating Room Nurses (ACORN) Standards for Perioperative Nursing Standard: Laser Safety (2014).

    Value for money

    We have an assurance guarantee to give you peace of mind that your money is well spent. Our processes are so user friendly that we ensure completion of your course or your fees refunded*.

    We're very cost competitive and our courses are completed online, in your own time and done at your own pace, how relaxing! No rush to finish and you can process and enhance your learning as you go.

    We are totally independent of any laser or IPL equipment sales company and cover the applications and specifications of an array of devices. We will never try to sell you a device.

    Your course enrolment is activated quickly so you are up and running fast.

    We give you personalised support so you can feel confident and succeed.

    We deliver quality courses every time, and our certificate is highly respected among clinicians, employers and industry partners alike.

    Real work place confidence

    Practical experience. Laser and IPL equipment availability is diverse across Australia and there is no one place to be able to practice on all of the equipment available. Bravura Education recommends that after you have completed your online theory courses that you work within your scope of practice, identify a more experienced clinical mentor to assist you to develop your skills, ensure that you have standard operating policy and procedures in place, liaise with the manufacturer of the specific machinery that you will be using and begin to record practical experience in a log book.

    If you are a beauty therapist our courses will benefit you if you haven't completed units specifically addressing 'Applying intense pulsed light' or 'Laser safety protocols' or ‘Investigate developments in cosmetic treatments using light or laser systems’ and are interested in using lasers and IPL for hair reduction, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation.

    We can accommodate enrolments for as many individuals in your organisation as you like in a single transaction.

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